Police Aid to Applicant for Property Application


 _____   Versus   _____


Application for putting up the file and for providing the Police help to the applicant /decree holder for the purpose of delivery of the possession of the property

Respectfully Showeth:

1- That the above execution is pending in this Hon’ble court and is fixed for _____
2- That the bailiff of the _____ along with the _____ reached at the disputed property and requested the _____ to vacate the property and to deliver the actual and physical possession of the property. The _____ avoided to the request of the bailiff and the decree holder and when he was again asked then he did not vacate the property and hence there are the chances of quarrel on the spot. 
3- That the applicant _____ requires the police aid /help for the purpose of vacating the property and for taking the possession of the same.
It is, therefore, prayed that the file may kindly be summoned for today and the application of the applicant may kindly be accepted and the police aid may kindly be provided to the decree holder for taking the possession of the property.

Date: _____    


Through counsel  

 _____ Advocate, _____