Deed of Conveyance of Building/Site sold by Allotment


STAMP PAPERS Rs. _____/-

This Deed of conveyance made on this _____ day of _____, between the _____, acting through the Estate Officer (hereinafter called the “ Vendor ” )  of the one part and _____ Son of _____ Resident of _____, THROUGH GPA _____ Son of _____ Resident of _____, GPA DOCUMENT NO. _____, DATED _____, _____, AND THE OWNER IS STILL ALIVE AND THE GPA HAVE NOT REVOKED/CANCELLED TILL TODAY (hereinafter called the Transferee ) of the other part.

Whereas the land hereinafter described and intended to be hereby conveyed was owned by the vendor in full proprietary rights.

And whereas the vendor has sanctioned the sale of the said land to the transferee in pursuance of his application dated _____ made under Sub Regulation _____ of the Regulation _____ of the _____ (Disposal of land and buildings)  Regulations _____ (hereinafter referred to as the said Regulations) to be used as a site for Residential/Commercial/ industrial purpose in the urban area  of _____.

And whereas the vendor has fixed the tentative price of the said land sold by allotment at Rs. _____  (Rupees_____ _____/-).

And whereas the vendor reserves the right to enhance the tentative price in the case of land sold by allotment by the amount or additional price determined in accordance with the said regulations.

And whereas the transferee sold land by allotment has paid the tentative price and agree to pay the additional price in the manner hereafter appearing.

Now, therefore, this deed witness that for the purpose of carrying into effect the said sale an in consideration of the covenants of the transferee, hereinafter contained and the said sum of Rs.__________ (Rupees ___________________)  paid by the transferee and the undertaking of the transferee to pay the additional price if any, determined to be paid by the transferee, within a period of thirty days of the date of demand made in this behalf by the Estate Officer without interest or in such number of installments with interest as may be determined by the Chief Administrator, the vendor hereby grants and conveys into the transferee all the price and parcel of Commercial Shop No. _____,  of the _____ at _____  area in  _____ and more particulars described in the plan filed in the office of Estate Office, signed by _____ in the Estate Office Sr. No. _____ dated _____ (hereinafter called the land).

To have and to hold the same unto and to the use of the transferee to the exceptions reservations, conditions and covenants hereinafter contained each of them that is to say.

1.    The transferee shall have the of right possession and enjoyment so long as he pays the additional price, if any, determined by the Vendor within a period fixed as aforesaid and otherwise confirms to the terms and conditions of sale.

2.     The vendor shall have a first and paramount charge over the said site for the unpaid portion of the sale price including additional price and the transferee shall have no right to transfer by way of sale, gift, mortgage, or otherwise the land or any right, title or interest therein ( except by way of lease on monthly basis) without the previous permission in writing of the Estate  Officer. The Estate Officer while granting such permission may impose such condition as may be decided by the Chief Administrator from time to time.

3.    The vendor reserves to himself all mines and minerals whatsoever in or under the said site with all such rights and powers as may be necessary or expedient for the purpose of searching for, working obtaining removing and enjoying the same at all such times and in such manner as the vendor shall think fit, with power to carry out any Surface of all or any part of the said site, and to sink pits, erect buildings construct lines and generally appropriate and use the surface of the said site for the purpose of doing all such things as may be convenient or necessary for the full enjoyment of the exceptions and reservations hereinafter contained.

Provided that the transferee shall be entitled to revive from the vendor such payment the occupation by him of the surface and for the damage done to the surface or building on the said land by such works and workings or letting down as may be agreed upon between the vendor and the transferee on failing such agreement as shall be ascertained by reference to arbitration. The transferee shall pay all general and local taxes or rates or cesses for the time being imposed or assessed on the said land by competent authority.

4.    The transferee shall have to complete the construction within two years from the date of offer of possession on the said land in accordance with the relevant rules/ regulations.

Provided that the time limit for construction may be extended by the Estate Officer in case the failure to complete the building by the stipulated date was due to reasons beyond the control of the transferee.

5.    The transferee shall not erect any building for make any addition, alteration without prior permission of the Estate Officer. No fragmentation of any land or building shall  be permitted.

6.    The vendor may by his officers and servants at all reasonable times and in a reasonable manner after twenty four hours notice in writing enter in and upon any part of the land of building   erected therein for the purpose of ascertaining that the transferee has duly performed and observed the convenants and conditions to be performed and observed by him under these presents.

7.    The vendor shall have full right, power and authority at all times to do through officers or servants all act and things which may be necessary or expedient for purpose of effecting compliance with all or any of the terms conditions and reservations herein contained and to recover from the transferee as first charge upon the said site, the cots of doing all or any such act and things and all costs incurred in connection there with on way relating thereto.

8.    The transferee shall not use the said land for any purpose than that for which it has been sold nor shall be use the building construction on it for a purpose other than that which it ahs been constructed except in accordance with the rules / regulations made under the ____ Act. ____.  (hereinafter referred to as the Act.

9.    The transferee shall accept and obey all the rules / regulations and orders made or issued under the Act.

10.    In the event of non-payment of the additional price within the fixed period by the transferee or in the event of breach of any other condition of sale, the Estate Officer may impose a penalty or resume the land or both in accordance with the provisions of the Act. and the  rules/regulations made there under.

In the event of resumption, it shall be lawful for the Estate Officer, not withstanding the waiver of any previous cause or right for re-entry thereon or any part thereof to possess retain and enjoy the same as to his former estate and the transferee shall not be entitled to refund of the sale price or any part thereof or to any compensation whatsoever on account of such re-entry except in accordance with the provisions of the said Act.

11.    All the disputes and differences arising out or in any way touching or concerning this deed whatsoever shall be referred to the sole arbitrator of the Chief Administrator or any other officer appointed by him. It will not be an objection to such appointment that the arbitrator so appointed as a Govt. servant of officer as the case may be he has expressed his view on all or any of the matter in the dispute or difference. The decision of such arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties to this deed.

If and so long as the transferee shall fully perform and comply with the shall continue to so perform and comply with the shall continue to so perform and comply with each and all the terms and conditions herein made and provided but not otherwise, the vendor will secure the transferee full and peaceful enjoyment of the rightly and privileges herein and hereby conveyed and assured.

And it is hereby agreed and declared that unless a different meaning shall appear from the context:-

a)    The expression “Chief Administrator” shall mean person Chief Administrator of the Authority as defined in Clause (e) of Section (2) of the Act.

b)    The expression “ Estate    Officer “ shall mean person appointed by the Authority  and clause (1) of Section (2) of the Act to perform the functions of Estate Officer under the Act. in one or more than one _____ Area.

c)    The expression “Vendor”  used in these presents shall include in addition to the _______   and in relation to any matter or anything contained in or arising out of these presents every person duly authorized to act or to represent the _______ in respect of such matter or thing.

d)    The expression “transferee “used in these presents shall include in addition to the said ______ S/O _____, THROUGH GPA _____ S/O _____ R/O _____, & his/her lawful heirs , successors, representatives, assignees, lessees and any person or persons in occupation of the land or building erected thereon with the permission of the Estate Officer.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have hereunder respectively subscribed their names at the places and on dates hereinafter in case specified.

Signed by the said _____ S/O _____ R/O _____, THROUGH GPA _____ S/O _____ R/O _____, at _____ on _________ day of  __________.

In the presence of witnesses:-



Signed for and on  behalf of ________ and setting under his Authority  at _____  on _________ day of _______.

In the presence of witnesses:-