Adoption Deed

THIS DEED OF ADOPTION is made the     day of _________        between:_____ (hereinafter called the “Adoptive Father & Mother”) of the one part AND _________________ (hereinafter called the “Natural Father & Mother”) of the other part.

Whereas the Adoptive Father and mother  have two daughter/son (NAMED _____________________ aged about  ______ years).

Whereas the Adoptive Father and Mother are desirous of adopting a son/daughter whereas the said _____________________.

Whereas the Natural Father and Mother have agreed to give his      ________________ (Date of Birth _______________ who was borne at _______________ ) now aged _____________________ (approx.) in adoption to the Adoptive Father & Mother.  The Natural father and mother have one son/daughter and one daughter, except___________.

Whereas ________________ of the Natural Father and Natural Mother of the said _____________________ has given her consent to the giving of the said ____________________ in adoption to the Adoptive Father & Mother. In the evidence of consent she has signed the Adoption Deed.

Whereas the Adoptive Father & Mother  is more than _____ years & _______ years old than the aforesaid  _______________.

NOW THEREFORE, THIS DEED WITNESSES that the said Natural Father & Mother has before gathering of the families and friends held at ________ at the time of birth actually given the said__________, his son/daughter, to the Adoptive Father & Mother and the Adoptive Father & Mother  have taken the said _________ _________as his Adopted son/daughter.

After the Adoption the said  adopted son/daughter________________ is living with ______________________ (Adoptive Father & Mother ).

IN WITNESS whereof the said _____________________  ____________ (Adoptive Father & Mother ), ________________ (the Natural Father & Mother ) and _____________ (wife of Natural Father) have hereunto signed before the gathering present, two of whom have at the request of the parties and in their presence signed as witnesses on the date hereinabove mentioned.