Loan Agreement

This Agreement is made at _____ on this  _____, between :-

_____ Son of _____  Resident of _____, (hereinafter called the Part of First PART )


_____ Son of _____  Resident of _____, (hereinafter called the party of the second part)

WHEREAS the second party is in need of money and is having friendly term with the party of the first part and requires a sum of _____/- (_____only)

AND WHEREAS, the first party has agreed to give the said loan amount to the party of the second part and in lieu of this payment this receipt cum agreement is being executed between the parties.

AND WHEREAS, in lieu of repayment of the loan amount the second party has issued a post dated Cheque bearing its No. _____ dated _____ for _____/- drawn on _____ from his _____ Account No. _____

If the above mentioned Cheque would not encashed on its presentation then the first party shall have right to file a Criminal complaint under section _____ of the Negotiable Instruments Act and under section __ of IPC and the first party shall have also right to launch other criminal proceedings as well as civil proceedings against the second party and the second party shall be fully responsible for the same.

In witnesses whereof the parties of this agreement have  set their respective hands on the date month and  year first above given.


1.                                                           FIRST PARTY

2.                                                      SECOND PARTY