Legal Notice for transfer GPA after Death of Owner

  Registered A.D.
Legal Notice


S/o _______________

Dear Sir:-

Under the instructions from and on behalf of my client _____ W/o _____ R/o _____, I do hereby serve upon you with the following Notice: –

1- That you sold your _____ to my said client in the year _____. My client paid you the full and final sale consideration of the said house on the same day. You delivered the original documents to my said client at that time.

2- That you executed the agreement to sell, will, receipt of payment, G.P.A.  in favour of husband of the applicant, conveyance deed and allotment letter etc. the husband of my said client has been expired.  You also delivered the actual and physical possession of the said house to my said client at the time of selling the said house.

3- That now my client wants to get the sale Deed executed and registered in favour of her _____ namely _____ in respect of the above-mentioned house. As per the terms and conditions of the agreement you assured that you would execute and get the sale Deed registered either in the name of my client or her nominees as and when required by the applicant.

I, therefore, through this Legal Notice call upon you execute the sale Deed in respect of the above mentioned house in the name of _____ of my said client namely _____ within the period of _____ from the date of receipt of this legal Notice, failing of which my client has given me clear instructions to file appropriate proceedings against you in the competent court of law at _____ and in that event you will be fully responsible for all costs, risks, responsibilities, expenses and consequences thereof. Please note well.
A copy of this Notice is kept intact in my office for record and further necessary action

_____Advocate, _____

Dated: _____