Lease Agreement


This Rent agreement is hereby executed at _____ on this_____ day of  _____ between:

_____ son/wife of _____, resident of _____ ( hereinafter referred to as First party/landlady) which expression shall mean and include her heirs, successors, legal representatives and assigns etc.


_____, vide Ends Filed No. _____dated _____, at _____ through its _____ (hereinafter called the tenant/Second party) of the other part, which expression shall mean and include his heirs, successors, legal representatives and assigns etc.

Whereas the first party is owner in possession, of residential House No. _____and is interested to let out _____ of the said _____ to the second party on the monthly rental basis on the following terms and conditions :-


1-    That the rate of the rent of the said premises is settled at _____/-(_____only) per month exclusive of _____ charges.
2-    That the second party will pay the rent on each and every _____ day of English calendar month in advance.
3-    That the tenancy will be commenced w.e.f. _____ day of _____and shall remain enforced for the period of _____ years.
4-    That the second party has deposited the _____ months advance security of _____/- with the party of the first party and this amount will be adjusted in the future arrears of rent.
5-    That the rent for the rented premises shall be increased @ _____% per annum.
6-    That the second party shall use the said premises for the purpose of _____.
7-    That the second party shall not sublet, part with possession assigned the same to any person in any manner whatsoever.
8-    That in case the second party fails to pay the monthly rent to the first party consequently for the period of _____ months, then the second party shall have to get vacated the premises in question immediately.
9-    That the second party will himself affix the furnitures and fittings in the rented premises and renew all the furnitures and fixtures at the time of vacating the rented premises.
10-    That the second party shall be entitled to alter or change any permanent construction over the rented premises and in that event the first party shall have no objection.
11-    That the second party shall permit the first party or any of his authorized person to enter the said premises at reasonable time for inspection purpose.
12-    That the second party will not vacate the said rent premises upto the minimum period of _____ year in any manner
13-    That both of the parties shall have to give _____ months advance notice in writing to each other, in case of vacating the premises in question before the expiry period of the tenancy.
14-    That the terms & and conditions as stated above shall be binding on the both parties. The terms and conditions of this agreement are final and are irrevocable.
15-    That all the agreements executed between the parties shall stand cancelled previously to this date.

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF, the parties have signed this agreement on the date, month and year first above written in the present of witnesses at _____.