Juvenile Bail Application Affidavit


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FIR NO. _____ dated _____
U/s : _____IPC
Police Station: _____



In the above noted case the applicant/accused most respectfully submits as under: –

1-    That the applicant/accused has been falsely involved and implicated by the complainant in collusion with the _____ in the above noted due to the _____ only.
2-    That the applicant/accused is quite innocent person and he has no connection of _____ with the alleged offence as mentioned above and he has good firm roots in the society.
3-    That nothing is _____.
4-    That the applicant/accused is a permanent resident of _____ & District _____ so there is no apprehension of his absconding evading of taking trial.
5-    That the applicant /Accued is a juvenile as his date of birth is _____. In this way he is aged about _____ years & _____ months and _____ days. The photocopy of birth Certificate issued from the office of _____ is enclosed herewith.
6-    That the applicant /accused is the _____ of the deceased _____ hence he has no connection or nexus with the alleged offence as mentioned above. The offence under section _____ IPC is not made out against the applicant /accused.
7-    That the trial of the case will take a long time and no useful purpose would be served if the accused is detained in the judicial custody.  Today he is ready to furnish his bail bonds and surety bonds as required by this Hon’ble court.


It is, therefore, prayed that the applicant/accused may kindly be released on bail till the final decision of the case and his bail bonds and surety bonds may kindly be accepted and attested.
Dated: _____

_____ S/o _____R/o _____

Through counsel:

_____ Advocate, _____