Indemnity Bond for Shop


 This Indemnity bond executed this _____ day of _____ by _____ Son of _____ Resident of _____, herein referred as the Indemnifier (which expressions where the context so admits or requires shall be deemed also to include their representatives and assignees) of the one part in favour of _____ (hereinafter referred as the Board) of the other part.

 Whereas Late _____ allottee of _____ has expired on _________and I am the legal heir of the deceased.  I want to get the allotment of said Shop transferred in my name.
And whereas the _____ has asked the executant to furnish the Indemnity bond of the same.

 Now their indenture witnesseth that if the Board transfers the Shop No. _____, _____ in my favour without the production letter of administration, or a succession certificate I assigns against allocations, proceedings, claims & demands whatsoever which may be brought to made against the said Board in consequences of its having effected the transfer of Shop on the basis of representatives made by me.

 That in case any other person makes any claim regarding this transfer of allotment of Shop the litigation of the same will be defended by the Indemnifier & the loss suffered by the board will also be made good by the indemnifier or from his properties and the possession of the said Shop will be handed over to the Board.

 In witness whereof the Indemnifier has been under put his signatures the day and year first above written.
WITNESSES:                                                                                        INDEMNIFIER