First Anticipatory Bail Application


____ S/o _____ R/o _____
____ S/o _____ R/o _____


State of ____


First Application Under Section ____For Grant of Anticipatory Bail in Case FIR No. ____Under Section ____IPC

The applicant/petitioner most respectfully submits as under:- 
1- That the ____ has ____ registered the above mentioned case against the applicant/petitioner.
2- That the applicant/petitioner has no nexus or connection with the above-mentioned offence.
3- That the applicant/accused is a ____ of India as ____ is aged about____ years.
4- That the applicant/petitioners have not caused any hurt/injury to any one.
5- That the allegations in the FIR as alleged by the ____ are wrong, incorrect and concocted story made by the complainant.
6- That no recovery is pending in the above mentioned case and nothing is to be recovered from the applicant/petitioner.
7- That the applicant/petitioner undertakes to join the investigation as and when required by the police of police Station ____.
8- That there is no apprehension for absconding or evading of taking trial.
9- That the applicant/petitioner undertakes not to temper with the evidence or witnesses.
10- That the applicant/petitioner undertakes to abide by all the terms and conditions as imposed by the Hon’ble court in the event of bail.
11- That the applicant/petitioner undertakes for not to hamper the bail and ready to furnish the bail bonds of sound amount for the satisfaction of the Hon’ble court.
12- That in such type of false cases the bail is rule and refusal of the bail will not serve any purpose.

It is, therefore prayed that the applicant/petitioner may kindly be released/granted anticipatory bail and the ____ concerned of concerned police station ____ may kindly be directed to release the applicant/petitioner on bail in the event of their arrest


Through counsel:
____ Advocate, ____