Certificate of Identity- Annexure B

Identity Certificate- ANNEXURE ‘B’


Certified that Shri/Shrimati ________  Son/Wife of Shri________ of is a temporary/ permanent employee of this (office address) ________ from________ and is at present holding the post of  ________ Shri/Smt/Miss ________ is/are  a dependent family member(s) of Shri/Smt________  and his/her identity is certified. This Ministry/Department/Organization has no objection to his/her acquiring ________ Passport.  The undersigned is duly authorized to sign this Identity Certificate. I have read the provisions of Section ____of the Passports Act, _____ and certify that these are not attracted in case of this applicant.  I recommend issue of an ________ Passport to him/her.   It is certified that this organization is a Central / State Government / Public Sector / undertaking / statutory body.  The Identity Card Number of Shri/Smt________ is_______

Ref. No. ______


 Name, Designation, address & Tel No.