Agreement for Water Connection



An Agreement made on _____ day of _____ between _____ of the first party and_____.

1.                  Witnessed for the meter supply water from water supply main of the _____ is hereby granted by the _____ to the consumer for the domestic purpose other than domestic purpose specified will be below than or of lying connection pipe and fitting installation laid in the _____ and the consumer binds himself to confirm sanction and to apply with the _____ water supply by laws rates and regulations made by the _____ time inter alias would finally approved by the  _____ till then as may be sanctioned by the _____.

2.                  The consumer agree to pay the water rate __________ for the 1st tape and at the rate ________ per additional per quarter or the case of meter supply _______ per _____ liters with minimum limited that this much quantity of water consumer irrespective of the facts with the prescribed time and further agree that the shall made up and difference of the enhancement charges if from commencement to the connection incase of the enhancement _____ and _____ in case of default.

3.                  The _____will be fully competent to disconnect the water connection and take legal action against the consumer the realization dues and fines etc. trough proceedings.

4.                  That the consumer hereby further agree for the penalty in such amount to the _____ may decided and _____, _____.

5.                  That any instruction may be from time to time being given for the regulation of the connection between private house other premises from the water supply main of the _____.

6.                  The decision of the _____ will be final in case arising under paragraphs 2.

In witnesses whereof the parties of the first part and Second part have respective signed the agreement on







Particulars of premises Address