Affidavit for Transfer of Gas Connection


The Chief Area Manager,
_____________, _____.

Dear Sir,

This is to advise that _____ Son of _____ who Residing at_____, has left with me your equipment covered under your subscription voucher No. _____, dated _____, vide consumer No. _____, issued by _____ at _____, since _____ does not intent to making use of the said equipment. I request that the same may be transferred in my name and afresh consumer No. be given to me. Costumer copy of the T. S. V. No. _____, dated _____, issued to _____ is surrender herewith. I confirm that agreeable to pay the corporation deposit for the equipment as per your terms carrying in from.

In above below the consent _____ requested _____ to transfer his customer ship in my name and also authorized me to sign the sand receipt of deposit amount.

Sign. Of  File Applicant

I, _____ hereby confirm that I have no objection to me corporation transferring the subject get connection covered by T.S.V No. _____, dated _____ held by me to _____ R/_____, and I hereby explicitly authorized _____ to accept the receipt of deposition on my behalf.

I hereby totally surrender my claim on this connection and shall not have any claim whatsoever at any future date.

Sign. Of Original Customer